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Read below some informative blogs about different legal issues that may affect you. Our Grand Rapids & Ionia Attorneys will continue to provide useful information to individuals, families and businesses in our blog on a monthly basis.

Benefits and Pitfalls of Land Contracts

With the market full of eager buyers unable to finance through conventional mortgage means, land contracts are being used as realistic purchase options in a wide variety of situations, offering a way out of mortgage payments to the homeowner and a way into homeownership for buyers with less than ideal credit.  Read more about the benefits and pitfalls of land contracts here.

Custody Battles and Casualties of War

Are your children casualties of a custody battle?  Read more about custody battles and casualties of war here.

Law Changes Affecting Juveniles

There have been a couple of changes in the laws recently that affect all juveniles. The first is known as Kelsey’s Law. This applies to all teens with Level 1 or Level 2 graduated licenses. Read more here.

Mastering Family Law

Read more here.