Grand Rapids Divorce Attorneys

Grand Rapids Divorce Attorneys

When it comes to divorce, our attorneys will listen to you and discuss your desires and goals. After all, only you know what is best for you and your family. Our Grand Rapids divorce attorneys will educate you on the law, counsel you on the specific issues in your divorce case and advise you every step of the way.

A divorce case can take many different paths to resolution. In cases that involve minor children, our divorce attorneys first look at how the divorce will affect the children and what the best interests of the children are. At Peterson Paletta Balice, we have an advantage over other law firms when it comes to the children first approach because Divorce Attorney Terese Paletta is one of very few attorneys in Grand Rapids that not only is certified as a Child Welfare Law Specialist, but also has extensive experience and training as a parenting coordination mediator.  We believe that parents pledging to resolve their differences in healthy, non-adversarial ways are choosing the best way to assist children in overcoming the scars of divorce or family division.

Our Divorce Lawyers recognize that the child first approach is not the solution to all divorce cases and in cases where tensions are high or no minor children are involved, this approach may not be appropriate.  In such situations, our attorneys are skilled litigators and are always prepared to enter into traditional negotiations and take the battle to the courtroom if necessary.

After talking with one of our divorce attorneys during an initial consultation, you will have a better understanding of the divorce process and how you want to proceed.  We will be able to answer questions for you and help advise you so that you can make informed decisions regarding your divorce case.

Before attending your initial consultation, please print and complete the divorce questionnaire that is provided by clicking the questionnaire link here.  Don’t forget to bring the completed questionnaire with you to the consultation.