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Grand Rapids Legal Services

The Attorneys at Peterson, Paletta & Balice take the time to understand our clients’ concerns and goals before giving legal advice. We have attorneys that specialize in specific types of law so our clients will receive expert representation with their specific legal issues.

The professional attorneys at Peterson Paletta Balice offer clients numerous options for advice and support -- specializing in a wide range of practice areas. Our lawyers can assist clients with : business law, criminal law, DUI, drunk driving, criminal law consulting, education law, employment law, family law, divorce, estate planning, real estate, litigation and trial law.

Whether you need full representation or simply sound advice and counsel, our experienced attorneys are here to support you and protect your rights.

Learn more about some of our legal services below:

Business & Corporate

Our well-respected Michigan law firm will treat your business like our own. Improper handling of business legal issues can adversely affect your bottom line. Learn more about our business law attorney here.

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Criminal Law

Our attorneys offer aggressive criminal defense to individuals charged with crimes in Grand Rapids and throughout the State of Michigan. We work diligently to protect your rights and to ensure that the best results are achieved in every case. Learn more about criminal defense law here.

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DUI and Drunk Driving

Michigan law defines standard drunk driving as operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol level of more than 0.08. Drunk driving charges and related impaired driving offenses can have a serious impact on your life. That’s why it’s so important to understand the law, your rights and your legal options when facing drunk driving charges. Read more about DUI and drunk driving defense here.

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Criminal Law Consulting

Quite often, critical aspects of a criminal case are discovered by our lawyers that were previously missed or ignored by other lawyers. We have consulted on criminal cases in Michigan and throughout the country. Learn more about our attorney consulting services here.

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Education Law

Taking on the public school system can be intimidating. The attorneys at Peterson Paletta Balice are not reluctant to take on the public school bureaucracy. Our attorneys have been successful assisting students in avoiding expulsion and lengthy suspensions and have succeeded in holding public school systems accountable for providing services to special needs and handicapped students.

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Employment Law

Our lawyers are experienced business attorneys and realize that employment disputes involving wrongful termination, breach of contract, non-competition agreements, confidentiality agreements, severance agreements, harassment and civil rights claims arise in the course of business. Our lawyers are committed to assisting our clients so that they can avoid many employment claims through the careful drafting of employee handbooks, policies and procedures and contracts that will help protect the business. In the event an issue arises, our lawyers will aggressively represent both individuals and businesses involved in employment disputes.

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Family Law

Family law can involve family related issues or domestic disputes. Some examples of family law include, but are not limited to, marriage, divorce, child support, custody, abuse, and visitation rights. Read more about family law services here.

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You are probably aware that divorce cases are very common today. Once a couple files for divorce, they should seek legal counsel from an attorney experienced in divorce litigation to protect you during the divorce process. Read more about our divorce attorney services here.

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Estate Planning

Fundamentally, the goal of an estate plan is to make sure that individuals have control over what happens to them and their belongings in the event of their death. A good estate plan will safely and securely ensure that your wishes are followed. Learn more about estate planning here.

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Real Estate Services

Improper handling of real estate legal issues can adversely affect your livelihood. The expert real estate attorneys at Petersen Paletta represent our real estate clients with the expertise and vigor needed to provide the desired results. Learn more about real estate law here.

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Litigation & Trial

Having success as an attorney in litigation and trial matters takes a unique combination of the mastery of subject matter combined with an ability to effectively communicate it to a judge and jury. Learn more about our litigation and trial attorneys here.

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