Grand Rapids Real Estate Attorneys

Real Estate Law Attorneys

When dealing with potentially risky, and complex assets acquisitions and related real estate legal issues, enlisting the counsel of an experienced and knowledgeable real estate attorney will save you money.

Our Michigan law firm will treat your business like our own, while helping you to navigate the often tenuous situations which arise in many real estate legal transactions. Improper handling of real estate legal issues can adversely affect your livelihood.

The expert real estate attorneys at Peterson Paletta Balice represent our real estate clients with the expertise and vigor needed to provide the desired results.

We provide real estate legal services in the following areas:

Real Estate Matters

Real estate matters can often involve multiple parties with a variety of conflicting interests. It is important to have an experienced Grand Rapids real estate attorney in your corner to ensure that your interests are protected. At Peterson Paletta Balice, our experienced attorneysrepresent residential and commercial clients in a wide variety of real estate issues.

Whether you need representation in a purchase or sale of residential or commercial real estate or you are headed for litigation in a real estate dispute, you can rely on us to handle your case effectively. Our Grand Rapids Real Estate lawyers have a comprehensive understanding of real estate law and we have what it takes to successfully resolve your real estate matter.
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Mortgage Closings

Many buyers and sellers often wonder what a mortgage closing attorney does other than conduct the closing. The closing attorney is responsible for many things throughout the closing process and performs many time consuming tasks that facilitate a transaction from inception to closing. Instead of just signing many papers at closing, don’t you want to know what is exactly in those papers you are signing?  Remember, this is probably one of the largest purchases you will ever make in your life. A mortgage closing attorney will help you make sure you are protected.
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Riparian Rights

If you are the property owner of waterfront land that is located on the banks of a river or stream, you have rights to use your land as you see fit. You also have the rights to add a dock, anchor a boat and use the property for swimming and boating. This property is known as riparian land. Our Riparian Rights Attorneys can help you understand these rights. If your property has been threatened, you need an experienced attorney.
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Sale & Purchase

Even the simplest of real estate matters are multi-layered. While buying or selling a home may seem pretty straightforward, there are potential pitfalls in the way of easements and boundaries or the growing uncertainties of financing. Peterson Patella can provide full real estate services and legal advice from real estate transactions to researching mineral rights, water interests, environmental issues or land use regulation.  We have litigated adverse possession matters and boundary disputes and handled these matters at the appellate level.
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Condominium Law

Peterson Patella offers condominium associations and unit-owners the assistance of experienced and knowledgeable attorneys who have experience in Michigan condominium law.  Whether you are the association president or an owner that is having trouble with a condominium association, our attorneys are familiar with the Michigan Condominium Act and available to assist with both complex and everyday issues that arise in condominium living.
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At Peterson Patella we provide legal advice and representation to both commercial and residential landlords and tenants.  We believe that careful drafting and review of a lease is a sure way to avoid disputes in the future. A lease lays out the terms of the agreement including the amount of rent, the length of the lease, the right to renew or extend the lease, each party’s responsibilities with respect to the property and more. Before signing a lease, it is always our advice to have an attorney review the terms of the lease in order to protect your interests.
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