Grand Rapids Criminal Law Consulting

Criminal Law Consulting

As experienced trial lawyers, former prosecutors, former police officers, and teachers of trial skills the lawyers at Peterson Paletta Balice are experts at critiquing every aspect of a criminal case. Quite often, critical aspects of a criminal case are discovered by our lawyers that were previously missed or ignored by other lawyers. We have consulted on cases in Michigan and throughout the country.

We have developed relationships with expert witnesses throughout the country that we call upon to assist in case preparation, presentation of evidence and to testify at motion and trials.

Our trial consulting services include:

  • Initial case screening
  • Identification of evidentiary issues and motions
  • Discovery
  • Investigatory services
  • Expert witness preparation
  • Exhibit preparation
  • Witness preparation
  • Mock trials with feedback for the trial attorney
  • Jury selection

We are available to consult on all criminal cases and have extensive experience in Homicide cases, Cold Case Homicides, Criminal Sexual Conduct, Drug Cases, Child Abuse, Extortion, Conspiracy, and Firearms.