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Top 5 Leading Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

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Unlike passengers, pedestrians don’t have seatbelts and airbags to protect them. As such, pedestrians are 1.5 times more likely to die than passengers in an auto accident.

A pedestrian accident may leave you with serious injuries. That’s why it’s important that you hire a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. They’ll help you receive the compensation you deserve.

Here are the top 5 leading causes of pedestrian accidents.

1. Drunk Driving

One of the leading causes of pedestrian accidents is drunk driving. In fact, alcohol plays a role in 47% of fatal pedestrian accidents. If you suspect that alcohol was a factor in your accident, please be sure to let our attorneys know.

All drivers must adhere to a “duty of care” to drive as a reasonable person would under the circumstances. By driving drunk, a person violates this duty of care and puts others at risk.

You should never get behind the wheel of a car if you think you’re close to or above the legal blood alcohol content (BAC). In Michigan, you must have a BAC below 0.08% before you can drive.

Also, each person has a different tolerance to alcohol. A person may be well below the BAC limit but still not feel confident enough to drive. Remember that “buzzed” driving is the same as drunk driving.

2. Lack of Driver Awareness

Pedestrian accidents are more likely to happen when drivers make unprotected left turns. While drivers look for an open space in oncoming traffic, they may miss a pedestrian or bicyclist. The consequences can be deadly.

If you were recently struck in a crosswalk by a negligent driver, call us as soon as possible. Our pedestrian accident attorneys can help you receive the compensation you deserve.

3. Texting and Driving

Texting and driving is a primary offense in Michigan. This means that a police officer can pull you over if they see you texting on your cell phone. Motorists who break this law must pay a fine of $100. After that, repeat offenders will have to pay a fine of $200 per infraction.

Unfortunately, pedestrians often pay the ultimate price for distracted driving. If texting and driving played a role in your accident, please be sure to alert our pedestrian accident lawyers. This information will play a crucial role in proving the driver’s negligence.

4. Driving Too Fast for Road Conditions

Speed limits are not arbitrary. They’re put in place to protect motorists and pedestrians. They also tell motorists what speed they should be driving under perfect conditions. This means clear visibility, minimal traffic, no construction, and dry roads.

Motorists also need to slow down if they’re driving where pedestrians are common. These areas include residential neighborhoods, downtown streets, and school zones.

The law holds drivers accountable for acting as a reasonable person would under the same circumstances. A reasonable person will slow down when fog limits their visibility or when the roads are icy. But not all drivers are reasonable.

That’s why we have attorneys.

5. Ignoring Traffic Signs and Signals

Drivers are responsible for obeying traffic signs and signals. Unfortunately, pedestrians can get hurt or even killed by negligent motorists.

Even if a pedestrian shares some of the fault, they may still be eligible for compensation. This is because Michigan is a comparative negligence state.

Here’s an example.

Let’s say you were jaywalking even though there was a crosswalk nearby. If a vehicle strikes you in the intersection, you may still be eligible for compensation. But the court will reduce your compensation by the percentage you’re found at fault.

For example, the court will reduce a settlement of $100,000 to $80,000 if you’re found to be 20% at fault for the accident.

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