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What to Do After a Slip-and-Fall Accident

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A slip-and-fall accident can happen to anyone, regardless of their age or circumstances. If you’ve experienced a serious injury due to another party’s negligence, it’s time to schedule a consultation with one of our personal injury attorneys in Grand Rapids and Ionia, MI.

During your appointment, they’ll walk you through your next steps so you can receive compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and other damages.

Here’s how to get started.

1. Recognize When a Party is Negligent

Slip-and-fall accidents might be due to neglect by the property owner. Examples may include not drying wet surfaces, not putting warning signs on slippery floors, or even not filling potholes present in the property. Slip-and-fall accidents often leave people with tissue injuries, fractures, and sometimes paralysis.

It is the responsibility of any property owner to uphold the safety of one’s property. This helps to prevent accidents. If the owner neglects the property and an accident occurs, the owner has to assume liability.

2. Gather Evidence at the Scene of the Accident

Before moving out of the accident scene, ask any witness nearby to take photos of you with the clothes and shoes you are wearing. The photos should also capture any visible injuries sustained during the accident. This information will assist you to prove your case when your attorney goes to file a slip-and-fall accident claim.

Ensure you also collect the contact information from witnesses at the accident scene. Witness information will be important in case you have to appear in court to prove your claims. If the injuries sustained are serious, seek medical attention first before engaging in evidence collection.

3. File an Accident Report with the Police

Seeking compensation in a slip-and-fall case is not easy, especially if you don’t have the right facts to support your claims. In case a slip-and-fall accident occurs, first file an accident report with the local police.

4. Inform the Property Owner

Ensure you inform the property owner of the accident and request the property owner to document how the accident occurred. This will serve as part of evidence when you want to file a claim for compensation, either from the owner or an insurance company.

5. Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Immediately after gathering the relevant information, seek the services of one of our personal injury attorneys. Our attorneys are experts on slip-and-fall accident cases.

Provide your lawyer with all the information you have collected.

Most likely after assessment of the information collected, your attorney will advise you if the accident was because of your own mistake or if it is right for you to seek compensation from the owner.

When an accident occurs, it is important for the victim to seek legal redress and get compensation for any personal damages incurred. Contacting our personal injury lawyers takes the pressure off of you, the victim, in dealing with property owners and insurance adjusters.

Remember, one of our slip-and-fall accident attorneys can assist you in getting the appropriate compensation before the three-year deadline passes to file your claim.

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Our personal injury attorneys in Grand Rapids and Ionia, MI, can help you receive the compensation you deserve for a slip-and-fall accident. To schedule a legal consultation, please call Peterson Paletta Balice. You may also fill out our online contact form and someone from our team will reach out to you soon.

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